For many years, the names Hannells and Hannells Industries have been linked with industrial packaging as well as fermented Baltic herring under the Red Wolf (Röda Ulven) label.

In recent years, the company has increasingly taken a new direction, and from 2010 Hannells should be seen essentially as an investment company. Hannells Holding AB has been the Group’s parent company since 2006.

At the end of 2009, Hannells Industries and its operations in Sweden, Denmark and Norway were sold off so that the Group is no longer involved in the manufacture of packaging.

The Group is currently run in the following way:

Hannells Holding AB is the parent company and has no operational activities. However, we feel a strong sense of commitment and participation in the operations run by the companies that comprise Hannells Holding AB. In addition to owning a number of companies, the Group also administers real estate in Falkenberg.

Hannells Holding AB is owned by Patrik Hannell.

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